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Because a health mouth is a mouth without filters. Come to Orthodentic and know all the treatments that we have for your dental health and esthetic.

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Our work

We have the best attention

We perform different treatments of dental disciplines according to your diagnosis

Dental Cleaning

No matter how well you brush or floss, there are always hard-to-reach areas. A dental cleaning can help you have really clean teeth

We have cutting-edge technology

We have innovate technology in dentistry fir diagnosis and dental treatment , in order to offer you an accurate diagnosis and thus determine an appropriate solution or treatment

Pediatric dentistry

Unlike other areas this focus on the management of specific pathologies, such as orthodontics or periodontics, pediatric dentistry specializes in providing comprehensive treatment to a very special patient, with whom an emotional bond is created from the earliest stages of his life

X-rays Dental

Dental X-rays are a useful tool that help to detect damage and diseases not visible during a regular dental exam. How often dental x-rays should be taken depends on your current oral health, your age, your risk for the disease, and the possible signs and symptoms of oral disease


The teeth whitening is treatment use to remove the stains or discoloration that may appear on teeth, in order to achieve a clear and brighter tonality.

Satisfied patients

We work with devotion, committed to your oral health and we always seek that all our patients are satisfied with the results of their treatment.


Orthodontics is the dental specialty responsible for correcting teeth and bones that are in the wrong position. In addition, dental bad position can generate other discomfort in the rest of the body, such as tension in the muscles of chewing, TMJ syndrome and pain in the neck, shoulders and back, among others

The best dental experience

We wish you have the best dental experience, fo us it is important to create a warm and professional environment, with comfortable safe facilities, always taking care of the privacy of each patient with personalized attention in an individual office.


Endodontics is a dental treatment commonly known for "kill the nerve" It consists in removing the deep part of tooth when it is injured or infected. The objective of this treatment is to clean the inside the tooth and fill it with an inert material.

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