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Every patient is unique and receives a training plan according to the diagnosis or disease that presents and above all the specific needing of every patient. The dental treatment is performed based on personalized.

We work all the dental specialties, with a 20 years trajectory and committed to offer you quality service and high affective in a warn and profesional environment.

Our biggest commitment is the satisfaction of our patients.For that reason we strive in providing clear explanations ot treatments to be carried out and at the time provide complete and competitively priced quotes, in this way the patient has complete and clear information.

In Orthodentic our purpose is provide complete treatments, whereby we work cases that require the participation of different dental disciplines such as: Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Rehabilitation, Dental Implantology, Dental Aesthetics and General Dentistry.

The honesty, is one of our principal values for this reason we want our patients to feel safe to receive just the treatments that they need.Give you a healthy and beautiful sime, have bee and will be our principal objectives.

Dra. Monica Guerrero Martinez

Cirujano Dentista
Orthodontist   Professional ID: 4015984

La Dra Monica Bridgette Guerrero Mtz graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León in 2001. She taught at this same university for several years in the area of ​​Human Anatomy. In 2004 she completed the Basic Orthodontics Diploma at the Institute for Development and Updating for Mty Professionals, continuing in 2010 with a Postgraduate course lasting 3 years at the same house of studies. Dr. Guerrero has continued her academic career with different diplomas and refresher courses, culminating in 2021 the diploma in Biomechanics Orthodontics . Dra. Monica is currently studying a Diploma in Mini-Implants on Orthodontics

Maxillofacial Surgeons

The maxillofacial surgery is the medical-surgical specialty that focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital or acquired diseases of the oral cavity, the facials skeleton and cervical structures.


Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of Dentistry that cares for and treats different oral diseases from early childhood to the end of growth. Therefore, the pediatric dentist will be in charge of exploring, detecting possible anomalies, as well as applying an individualized procedure and treatment.

Periodontist and dental implantologist

Periodontics is the area of ​​Dentistry that deals with the study, prevention and treatment of those pathologies that affect the tissues that protect, surround and support the teeth: gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and root cement.

Dental Surgeon

Is the professional who perform a great infinity of functions, who has the necessary knowledge to diagnose other specialties and in case of a treatment more always has the support of a specialists to each area.

Prosthetic (Oral Rehabilitator)

Specializes in the treatment and management dental and facials problems that involve restoring teeth and jaw structures.A prosthodontist is is highly trained in dental cosmetic, dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, } dental prosthesis, temporomandibular disorders (ATM) and more.


Thanks to their knowledge and skills to heat injuries in the dental pulp, endodontics are specialized in relieve pain and keep teeth in the mouth patients, so they will keep their natural pieces in the mouth. In additions on many occasions, a root canal is the previous step to an extraction

Dental Assistant

The dental anatomy is one of the parts of our body responsible for studying the dental system, its function, morphology, characteristics, structure and movement of each tooth individually and / or in relation to other teeth.

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